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Jetbeam 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 2600mAh

Price: $10.50  (CLICK add to cart to see our DISCOUNTED Price) 
Model: 9005665
Manufacturer: JetBeam
Weight: 0.61
Availability: 16

Manufacturer Part Number: JL260
UPC Code: 6957883800705

The JL260 is a battery from recognized flashlight and battery manufacturer JETBeam. This is an 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is 3.7V in voltage, and it has a capacity of 2600mAh(milliAmpere). The JL260 can be charged and recharged up to 500 times. The charging current averages 1A (Amp), with a maximum of 2A. Its discharge/output current is 4A. This battery contains overcharge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection, so your battery remains in the best shape possible for as long as possible. The JETBeam JL260 features live end protection plastic package technology, which offers protection from fire and potential explosions, and it allows the battery to have anti-shock properties and to be tougher than a standard rechargeable battery without the live end protection technology. The JetBeam JL260 is strongly impact-resistant because of its nickel-plated stainless-steel pieces located within the battery; there is also a steel protected circuit board (PCB) inside. This battery has triple overheat protection that is designed to comprehensively guard the battery against any possible overheating issues that might occur. This JL260 and its 500 charge-and-recharge cycles are about equal to the energy and power of 1000 individual CR123A primary batteries.
Jetbeam 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 2600mAh

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